Well, hello there!

I’m Paula Jean. Welcome to my sewing and making blog. I’m happy you’re here!  

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I’m making this very late jump onto the blog wagon not so much because the world needs another sewing blog, but because I’m a storyteller at heart (and irl), so this feels like a better platform than IG, FB, or this week’s newest social media escape room for sharing about my making escapades in a more in-depth way. Also, for the growing number of people in my life who are taking breaks from or eschewing social media altogether, but still like to check out creative spaces, this is for you! You’ll mostly find clothing and accessories I’ve made for myself, occasionally for my amazing husband, or for the odd gift here and there. I don’t take commissions. I don’t do alterations. I won’t patch your jeans. I’m not starting a label. I do, however, think sewing is a superpower that everyone should try. It has made me appreciate details and quality. It’s helped me be kinder to my body and more confident in my self-expression. I hope I’m able to provide some inspiration for the sew-curious.

You may have noticed the audio player at the top of this page. You’ll find one of these at the top of each page and blog post, as I thought it would be a nice feature to give people the option of listening instead of reading. Like many sewists out there, I am all about options!

A little FYI:  If I’ve given a review or linked to something, it’s to offer my honest opinion and/or resources you might find helpful or interesting. Or to give credit where it’s due. There’s no money being made here. If that ever changes, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for stopping by!

A mid-50s white woman with red hair stands in front of a mint green curtain. She is smiling with one hand on her hip, the other in her pocket. She wears a grey blouse with large collar and puffy sleeves.
Yup – that’s me! If you’d like to know a bit more about my background and sewing journey, head over to the cleverly-titled About page

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