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Close up of reversible vest.

A Tale of Two (and a half) Basques

December, eh?  Wow…one minute, you’re watching the leaves change as you navigate some intense, real-life priorities, and next thing you know, the end of another year is on the horizon. Fewer and shorter sewing sessions means I’ve missed two full months of posting, but this last entry of 2021 is going to be a three-piece […]

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A white woman with red hair stands in front of a colourful mural by First Nations artist Steve Smith - Dla'kwagila . She wears a teal jumpsuit and sunglasses.

Sirocco Jumpsuit in Teal Jersey

Mural: ‘Love, Knowledge, and Peace’ by Steve Smith~Dla’kwagila Have you ever decided to spend a chunk of time in a new city, filled with excitement and an anything-is-possible attitude, bolstered by good wishes from people saying, “Oh, that’s great! You’ll love it! You’ll do so well there!”, only to discover that it’s just…not your jam?

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